About Me

Better dressed than usual.

Better dressed than usual.

I’m Alasdair. I’m 28. I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently live in London. I’m a Broadcast Engineer at the BBC and former volunteer Radio Broadcast Engineer at East Coast FM, IT support/consultant/software developer and all-round problem solver.

I’ve got a couple of years experience in the broadcast sector behind me, and almost a decade in the live audio sector. In the midst of all that, I’ve picked up experience with:

  • Analog and Digital Audio Standards
  • Radio Playout Automation software
  • Large-scale Media management systems
  • Ethernet/IP internetworking & Cisco Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Analog & Digital Broadcast Audio Mixers
  • Digital Video Standards
  • Newsroom Computer Systems & MOS
  • Television Studio automation
  • Broadcast Graphics systems
  • Robotic camera systems
  • Linux & Windows server administration
  • Enterprise server hardware
  • ITIL support workflows & methodologies
  • Video Playout servers
  • Vision mixers
  • Audio and video routers

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